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Sharing a winning email 📧 15 Sales from this one...

published8 months ago
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Imagine this...

You want to get more sales and know you need to email your list...

But what do you send them?

How do you word it?

Today's newsletter I am going to share an email you can send today that has 2 aims:

  1. Get you sales
  2. Open a conversation with people

How did I use this email?

It wasn't an automation, it was a stand alone email that went out to people who hadn't bought.

The results

  • 15 sales
  • More conversations with my list

Why did it work?

It was simple, it wasn't a salesy email it engaged with them on what they were interested in.

It also shared a winning story to inspire and show social proof

Here's the email

Subject: Do you want the same?


How are you doing today? How's your trading looking?

It's Ryan from Betfair Trading Community here, I've recently been working with Sam who says he sees light at the end of the tunnel now.

Because he has built 2 profitable strategies with us.

Do you want to build a profitable trading strategy?


PS replying to this email is dangerous, it will dramatically improve your trading. Only reply if you are ready for that.

✍️ How can you use this?

Keep the subject line the same

Where is says 'Ryan' put your name and company

Change Sam to somebody who has a result with you

Keep it short top level result

Change the build a profitable strategy to the result they'll get

Change the PS to the result they'll get

That's it then hit send and away we go!

Remember 🔥

People don't buy from us because we are imposters, it's because we don't communicate the RESULT they will get.

This email is clear on the result that they will get.

Let me know how you get on using this!

You can either reply to me here or even better send me a tweet (here) and tell me how this email worked for you!


PS here's the video version of this email - Click here